A collection of photos, stories, and thoughts from my adventures.


The Factory of Factories

A critical thread of human history has been the development of our capacity to produce, from subsistence farming to today’s highly industrialized economy.  Energy sources, tools, infrastructure, and processes all contribute to this. The first industrial revolution gave us the first systematic improvements to productivity by moving from hand labor to machines. This meant we …

Expenditure Breakdown

Total expenses were around $8500 for a trip of 77 days $4000 for lodging (all AirBnB) $2000 for transportation (flights, rail, uber, metro) $2000 for food (restaurants, groceries, coffee) $500 other (attraction tickets/admission, SIM card, haircut) Lodging The average nightly price ended up around $50/night, with most of the nights in the “Private room” category …